Happy Memorial Day Weekend #Caturday #MemorialDay

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Here are some Memorial Day memes appropriate for Caturday, and thus light-hearted ones.

I will, of course, be spending even more time at the gym.
And perhaps more time lounging around.
15 Funny 'Veterans Day Memes' Images & Jokes for Facebook | Veterans day  meme, Happy veterans day quotes, Veterans day quotes
This one’s just to annoy those purists who don’t like Memorial Day confused with Veterans’ Day. I suspect *any* “thank you” is appreciated.
Funny Memorial Day Memes | Viral Memes
Well, I will be spending the weekend on the carnivore diet.

For me, the only ritual in which I reliably partake is the NCAA men’s lacrosse championship weekend. I’ll be rooting for Maryland until they lose or win it all.

Funny Memorial Day Meme & Images | Wishlovequotes
Let’s just not lose sight of what the holiday is really about.

All gave some. Some gave all.

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