Good Watch: Catastrophe @SharonHorgan @robdelaney @PrimeVideo

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Running through Amazon Prime has brought me to season 1 of the Expanse and Bosch, and all of Man in the High Castle and the Boys. My latest watch is Catastrophe, which like the Boys before it was too good to stop watching.

It’s an easy watch. Each of the four season are only six episodes of less than 25 minutes each. The story centers around a one-week stand in London between and American man and an Irish woman. It results in an unplanned pregnancy, which in turn leads to a marriage. The humor, and how it’s delivered, are right up my alley.

Eventually, it takes on a completely different tone. The humor suffers a bit as a result, but it didn’t disappear, and I still really liked it where the show went. I say that despite not being able to relate to the story in a significant way. I’ve never been married, and this show is in large part about problems that arose in a marriage.

I also have to say that it was a pleasant surprise to see Carrie Fisher one last time. As always, YMMV.

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Good Watch: The Boys @KarlUrban @JackQuaid92 @antonystarr @ErinMoriarty_ @KarenFukuhara @chacecrawford @lazofficial @The_JessieT @TheBoysTV @PrimeVideo

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I had until November 25, to finish watching everything Amazon Prime has to offer. I ran out of time, but not before finishing both seasons of the Boys. My plan was to watch season one of as many shows as possible, but the Boys was so good that I couldn’t stop.

The show was part comedy, part drama (more drama) in which superheroes are real but are as flawed as the rest of us. Think about how screwed up you’d behave if there were no consequences. Pretty ugly, huh? Well, these guys are worse, or at least what we hope is worse.

It was good enough that I decided to pay Amazon Prime for another month.

Up next are Catastrophe and Carnival Road. As always, YMMV.

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Good Watch: Bosch, Season One @welliver_titus @JamieHector @lancereddick @aquino_amy @BoschAmazon @PrimeVideo

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I have until November 25, to finish watching everything Amazon Prime has to offer. Due to the conflicting advice I’ve gotten, I’ve decided to watch season 1 of as many shows as possible. I just finished season one of Bosch.

Bosch was good, but not great. It’s not because of the acting — I love Lance Riddick in everything he does — or the writing. I think it’s a matter of the genre. Despite my love of The Shield, I’m not into cop shows. Many people think that The Wire was one of the greatest, if not the greatest, show ever to hit television. I couldn’t make it through the first season. I was bored.

I mean something *else* on TV.

Despite my ho-hum approach to cop shows, I still liked it, so if you’re into the genre, you may very well love it. Also, as I said, I liked the cast, and the story was reasonably compelling. It’s just not enough to get me to extend my Amazon Prime subscription.

Up next, season one of The Boys. As always, YMMV.

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Pizza Cooking Instructions Are Stupid #pizza

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Perhaps this belongs as a mere Facebook post, but Facebook is such a cesspool of people looking to jump on anyone with an opinion that I’m going to publish it here instead. Then link to it on Facebook. 😐

The instructions for cooking a pizza are stupid. The obvious target here is cooking times, but all cooking times on all foods are approximate. Ovens vary. No, I’m after something else.

Does anyone actually put the pizza directly on the rack as instructed? Who would do that? Who actually enjoys cleaning melted, burnt cheese from the inside of their oven? No one, so why even suggest it? I place pizza on tin foil or a baking sheet, and it comes out just fine. Is Easy-Off in bed with Big Pizza?

Yeah. This is Facebook fodder.

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MeWe Exposes Our Hypocrisy @Facebook #MeWe #Facebook

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Don’t worry. This isn’t as heavy-handed a moral lecture as the title makes it sound.

MeWe keeps coming up in my social media feeds. Everyone is asking whether it’s a good platform. Here’s my take on it. MeWe is an attempt to remove the privacy concerns of Facebook, and they absolutely succeed as far as I can tell. However, that’s actually the problem with MeWe. This is a tough pill to swallow, but the truth is that I, and probably many of you, don’t actually want the level of privacy that we demand from Facebook, at least not initially.

One of Facebook’s strengths was allowing us to reconnect with former friends and acquaintances. The privacy protections of MeWe prevent me from doing that. The last I checked, I couldn’t find my friends unless I already had their email addresses. That’s quite an impediment to connecting with lost friends, in which case, what’s the point of MeWe?

But that brings us back to the our own issues. We criticize Facebook’s lack of privacy, but the level of privacy we demand from Facebook would have prevented Facebook from generating its current value to us. I think we are again missing the big picture. The only reason we’re in a position to make such demands from Facebook is because we’ve already used their lack of protections for years to accomplish what we’ve wanted. That is, because we already have found our old friends on Facebook, now we want them to secure the platform. Though there are far greater sins, that’s a bit hypocritical, but the point is this: For new competitors without those existing connections, it’s nearly impossible form them to enter the market, so we’re stuck with Facebook unless we change.

As a result, I have a MeWe account but have no idea what to do with it.

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Great Watch: Jack Ryan, Season One @johnkrasinski @WendellPierce @dinashihabi @jackryanamazon @PrimeVideo

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I have until November 25, to finish watching everything Amazon has to offer. That’s because the (mediocre) Borat sequel inspired me, at last, to activate a free, 30-day trial of Amazon Prime. I have no intention of adding yet another pay streaming service to my suite of paid streaming services, and I don’t shop through Amazon very often, so there’s no reason for me to choose Amazon Prime over one of my existing ones. I really loved the Man in the High Castle, but the rest of what I’ve seen hasn’t sustained the aforesaid inspiration.

With time running out, I requested recommendations from the Facebook hive mind. I was told that Jack Ryan season one was really good, but that subsequent seasons were a let down. So, I watched it, with the intent of moving on to Bosch after I finish that season. I’ll be damned if season one wasn’t awesome. Perhaps you need to be into spy thrillers to like it, but I wouldn’t say that describes me, so I’m willing to guess that the average person would like it. I think it’s just a matter of it being a good show … or at least that season one is. I may never know whether season 2 is.

I also love shows and movies taking place in the Washington, DC area. As always, YMMV.

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Litigation Sucks @mc_frontalot #lawyer #litigation

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Sundays are now lazy days for me. Going forward, I’m just going to re-post other people’s work or just do something silly. Today it’s a comic that hits home.


I’ve been there, but the damn judge told me, “Yes, you are. Now get to it.” H/T @mc_frontalot

Litigation sucks. Never again.

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I Finally Watched the Movie, #Tombstone

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I said yesterday that I wasn’t going to go out of my way go post every day anymore, but I didn’t specifically promise to end my streak. I’ll post when I have something particular to say. So, with today’s post, it’s been 215 in as many days, and tomorrow’s ridiculousness will make me 216 for 216, but that’s probably where the streak will end.

So what inspired me? You already know, dipshit. You read the title of the post. While no movie could possibly live up to the hype this one has received, I’m finally watching Tombstone. So please, shut up.

First observation (a silly one): Sam Elliott always looked old. In this movie, he was 3 years younger than I am today, and while I wouldn’t say I have a youthful appearance, I think I look younger than he. I definitely act younger. What can I say? I’ve got issues.

Second observation: I love watching movies from an earlier decade to see a historical snapshot of where actors we at the time. Movies like this have actors on their way out, actors well-established, actors who recently got their big break, and actors that haven’t yet hit big, but our hindsight tells us they will. We also have a sprinkling of actors that were around only for that brief period before they dropped off the radar scope.

Third observation: Val Kilmer’s performance was flawless. Simply flawless. You can’t completely dislike this movie because of his performance. Nevertheless, the movie earned only two award nominations that hardly count, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s as good as any metric as to why we shouldn’t take them seriously.

Last observation: Clearly this isn’t historically accurate. We all know how this really went down.

Enough observations. Did I like it? Hells, yes. Plus, it’s been the source of so many damn memes. Back when I watched the Simpsons, I’d often miss the references to, for example, Dr. Strangelove until I saw that. Maybe now I’ll get some of your jokes.

Well...bye ANIMATED GIF - SpeakGif | Tombstone movie quotes, Tombstone,  Movie quotes

I’d recommend the movie, but it’s 27 years old, and you’ve probably already seen it. Only I take 27 years or more to watch movies.

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