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He’s a versatile actor.

I’d watch four hours of this.

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Breaking News: Now We Know Why James Gunn is Abandoning Guardians of the Galaxy @JamesGunn @DaveBautista @MarvelStudios #MCU #GotG

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We were all disappointed to hear James Gunn insist that Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 would be his last entry in the MCU series. As long as he includes Strawberry Letter #23 in soundtrack, I won’t hold it against him. However, we all wanted to understand why he made this decision. Well, I have breaking news for you. It turns out that he’ll be working on a spin off for Marvel Studios.

Credit unavailable.

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Tom Holland’s Days Are Numbered @TomHolland1996 #MCU #Spiderman

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Going forward, Sundays are lazy days for me. I either post something silly or other people’s work. Usually both. Today, I acknowledge a startling revelation.

May be a meme of 2 people and text that says 'tom holland age ALL MAGES MAPS NEWS Tom sofland Age 22 years Junu1 1996 how long do spiders live ALL IMADES MAPS NEWS SPIDER Litespan 21-23 years'

I know what you’ll be thinking after some quick googling: “But he’s currently 24 years old.” Well, if the average spider lifespan of a spider is 22 years, then Tom is currently at 1.09090909% of his expected lifespan. The average British male lives to be 79.4 years old (from 2016 to 2018). What do you think when you learn about a Brit that’s over 86 years old? Q.E.D.

R.I.P. Tom Holland

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Dr. Strange 2 Is Here!!! @DrStrange #DrStrange #DoctorStrange #MCU

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Today’s the premier of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness! Who’s coming with me tonight?

Wait, what? What pandemic?

Today was supposed to be the day the Dr. Strange sequel was to be released. Despite my concerns, I’m a big fan of the original (and the superhero cinematic genre in general), so I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately, as of this writing, we have another 10 months to go. If I’m cursed with this knowledge, I just wanted to make sure you guys were as well. I hope it’s worth the wait.

I’m sure Stephen Strange is happy to wait.

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The IP of Star Trek Exists in the MCU @StarTrek #StarTrek #MCU #comic

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Not that this is a surprise at all, but clearly Star Trek exists in the MCU as a TV show and, most likely, movie intellectual property. So, for this fake Star Wars week, I link to a Reddit post with a couple of cels from a comic (which I don’t read) giving an example of this. I link because I don’t want to infringe copyright.

So what about some substantive content? Ok, I’ll come up with something.

Did Star Trek have an in-comic crossover with Marvel? Or was that DC or some indie comic company? If so, shouldn’t these references throw the Marvel universe into complete chaos? If so, would any of the characters even notice? It’s already pretty chaotic in there.

That’s all I’ve got. I’m really posting it because it’s new to me, and I found it funny. And relatable. I’m Dr. Doom in that cel.

These are my favorite two intellectual properties, so why not?

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Wyatt Russell is Doing Very Well @falconandwinter #WyattRussell #FalconAndWinterSoldier #MCU #CaptainAmerica

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I don’t know about you, but I’m loving The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and everyone in it.

May be an image of 4 people and text that says 'Welcome Wyatt Russell to the "We're so fucking good at acting that now everyone hates us" club. Qaheen மில'

Nevertheless, I support Marvel’s decision to replace Wyatt Russell. (Not really. This is so terribly stupid that it’s almost not worth kidding about.) Make sure to watch the series (season?) finale tomorrow.

I didn’t realize anyone hated Christoph Waltz.

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Paris Sucks @CSMFHT #MythologyMonday

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Here’s another Twitter handle to consider following on Mythology Monday:

A decent amount of their posts are related to mythology. They even know who to join to create the right mashups.

I love mythology.

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Groot! @Bartoneus @newbiedm #GotG #MCU #Groot #comic #Hulk

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Ah, the Internet. So stupid at times, but also so wonderful. I recently put out a call for help based on a vague memory.

I don’t like comics, but I hate losing knowledge even more, so I really wanted to hunt down this reference. My TV doppelganger, Danny, came through.

Once I saw this cover, the memories started pouring back in. There are still some holes, so I’d love to re-read the comic, but … hey, is that … GROOT?! The “tree monster” is one of the characters I had forgotten, so this was quite a jolt. I love the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and was wondering whether that was the Groot or just another member of his species.

For what it’s worth, Wikipeida confirms this, though all but the mastermind among Hulk’s enemies were actually copies of other creatures.

I love how these two tied together. One of the few comics I’ve ever read introduced me to a character that 38 years later would be part of a movie that I love, all within the context of a medium that I don’t particularly like. What are the odds?

Well, probably not bad. Nerds do what nerds do.

I’m glad I went down this path.

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Wyatt Russell to Be Replaced in Season 2 of the Falcon and Winter Soldier @falconandwinter #MCU #FalconAndWinterSoldier

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Due to the backlash against Wyatt Russell, they’ve replaced him for season 2 of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Advanced photography has revealed his replacement.

Don’t forget to get up early tomorrow morning for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier!

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