A Star Trek Christmas! @StarTrek #Christmas #StarTrek

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I was raised Catholic, but I’m, let’s just say, unaffiliated at the moment. Still, if there were any reason for me to engage in holiday traditions, it would be Christmas. In fact, people like me have influenced United States Supreme Court precedent on the Establishment Clause, but that’s a story for another day.

Patrick Stewart likes to talk about Star Trek as the modern human’s mythology, and I guess that applies to me. So, here’s my means to celebrate Christmas. Sort of. It’s all the memes that hit my stream this year, some of which are new to me. This is my mythology.

From one of the best episodes of TNG.

Fortunately, I never have to worry about this sort of thing.

Kirk is such a hound dog.

I would buy this outfit.


Some more decorations.

Humans apparently still celebrate Christmas in 2364, as evidenced by their viewing of Christmas movies.

Worf never got it. He never got anything.

But seriously . . .

Worf I get, but Gowron? I had no idea that Klingons celebrated Christmas.

Happy Star Trek Day … I mean, holidays!

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Star Trek Characters as D&D Characters @StarTrek #DnD #RPG #StarTrek

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I’m not sure I agree with Uhura as a Thief. She’s clearly charismatic and never used the mentioned skills. I also would have labeled Scotty an Artificer. If I’m not mistaken (I know very little about 2nd Edition), the Alchemist is a new class in 5th Edition. The artificer goes back to 3rd Edition. Duelist is a build but certainly fits Sulu based on one of his most iconic scenes.

May be an image of text

Why not?

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Dungeons & Dragons is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast, LLC, who neither contributed to, nor endorsed, the contents of this post. (Okay, jackasses?)

Star Trek Cats #Caturday #StarTrek

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I was searching the internet for something for Caturday and found this.

Here’s something old (2017) but new to me. Illustrator Jenny Parks created a book of illustrations of cats taking the roles of Star Trek characters from the original series. StarTrek.com published an article on it prior to its release. Its cost has dropped since the article. She did a sequel(?) based on the Next Generation and a wall calendar.

Despite the mash-up of two of my interests, these aren’t my thing, but maybe they’re yours.

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Traditional, Naval Star Trek Images @StarTrek #StarTrek

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Sundays now are lazy days for me. I either post something silly or other people’s work. Usually both. Today, it’s some neat Star Trek art from Young Rascal, a.k.a., Rich Kingston. I’d like to post a sample but, while I don’t know if he properly acquired the rights to publish the actors’ likenesses, I don’t want to trample on his or anyone else’s copyrights or publicity rights.

You’re just going to have to click on the links.

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