New Home Pictures

It’s a two-story townhouse with a two-story townhouse above it.
No yard to mow. I’m happy.
From behind.
As you can see, I have a driveway behind my garage, which gives me an extra parking space not requiring a community parking pass. I get only two.

Small garage, but large enough for me with plenty of shelving.
Another angle on the kitchen.
More cabinet space then I’ll ever need.

The second bedroom is small and boring, so no pictures.

Aldie, VA lies along Route 50. From Chantilly, you go west to South Riding, Stone Ridge, Aldie, and then Middleburg. Aldie isn’t rated, but those other three towns are given A or A+ ratings for livability. Aldie is basically the same, and where I am is probably Stone Ridge anyway (A+). The US Post Office calls it Aldie, but I’m east of Stone Ridge, so I’m in Stone Ridge or South Riding (also A+). Ratings here.

I’m 9 miles from work (18 minutes in rush hour), which is half as far and 2/3 as time-consuming as my current commute. I’m also closer to non-work things that I do. It’s not perfect (South Riding would have been), but it’s really close.