Golden Anniversary #aging #movie #music #art #history

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To make some of you feel as old as I do, here are things that have or will turn 50 this year. Some held up very well.

The sequel was better. 🙂

Even the younguns know this one now.



A “Wet Paint” song.

Basically matheletes.

A song remade this many times must be great.

Just the theme song is all it takes to make me laugh.

But it took 47 years to release a chicken sandwich.

My cousin, Tom, always beat me at this at Mr. T’s restaurant.

All of these things are younger than I.

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A Gift for Me #art

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I focus my legal practice almost completely in real estate law, which includes, among other things, real estate closings. To my recollection, today was the first time I received a gift during closing.

“One art, please!” — Zoidberg

As you know, I’m all about giving credit, but in this case, I chose otherwise.

She was a sweet kid, and I’ve filed this under “classical art” on my blog. I’m going to save this even though I admit it’s a bit creepy to do so. It sure blew away my gift from our office’s white elephant gift exchange. 🙂

Don’t tell the state bar I’m accepting gifts now.

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Inktober is Back! @WinterFantasy @kesseljunkie #Inktober #WinterFantasy

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Sundays now are lazy days for me. I either post something silly or other people’s work. Usually both. Today, it’s neither. This is actually my work. Once again, I’m showing off my artistic prowess by publishing my work to the internet. This is valuable, copyrighted material, so don’t go selling forgeries on eBay.

Self Criticism GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

First up is a self-portrait of me at Winter Fantasy, which was just set for February 2-6, 2022, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I’m sorry that I didn’t draw Ronald Reagan onto the shirt, but my religion forbids me to draw pictures of the man. I’ll wear the shirt though. The shirt-maker can tangle with the Almighty.

It’s uncanny how well I capture the shape of my hands.

The lines on my big brain come from all that intelligenting. Next up is one of those friendly, catalog model shots, but with me at work. This represents my formal days when I had my beard formally groomed. I should really get that tattoo removed.

Again, intelligenting.

That’s it. I’m sure that’s enough. Oh, and did I mention Winter Fantasy?

May be an image of text

This is seriously the best I can do.

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My Favorite Painting with a Twist. Well, Maybe More Than One Twist. #MythologyMonday #art

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As I’ve pointed out, despite not being a fan of paintings, I actually have a favorite one. Here’s yet another variation care of Balloons in Bold. They don’t have a Twitter presence, but their Instagram page can be found here.

It’s still kind of gross.

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A JPG Just Sold for $69,000,000.00 #art

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The New York Times, among many others, reports that a piece of (for lack of a better term) static art that exists only digitally was sold for $69,000,000. The article dares to mention the artist responsible for my favorite painting in comparison. By clicking through to the Christie’s site, you can view the art, and thereby take ownership of it for no charge.


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I’m Stealing Inktober from @KesselJunkie and All the Artsy-Fartsy Types! #Inktober

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I’ve decided to steal the Inktober hashtag for myself, and I promise, the artsy-fartsy types will never recover. Here’s my interpretation of a visit to the park in autumn.

I actually drew this. I shit you not.

When I was an undergraduate, I took an Art History course. I showed up to the first class, and then to the last class, which was the final exam. I’m going to analyze my art like I did the art in the museum for the final.

The artist uses omegas for the lower part of the body so that he doesn’t forget to draw the feet. Brilliant. Notice the use of perspective. Notice the lines. So curvy and inspiring. And the colors. Blue and white. So inspiring. I’m inspired. Trees are great. Art is great. You were a great teacher.

I passed Art History. True story.

Art is in the eye of the beholder, so is Kirk punching Obi-Wan or Bid Laden?

Inktober is mine!

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My Favorite Painting … Sort Of #TMNT #art

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Sundays are now lazy days for me. Going forward, I’m just going to re-post other people’s work or just do something silly. Here’s something silly. It’s an … adaptation? … of my favorite classical painting, Saturn Devouring His Son, by Spanish artist Francisco Goya.

Painting Painting
I’m not sure of its origin, but the only clue I have is that it was posted by godtsol on Tumblr.

Here’s the real one.

Saturn Devouring His Son - Wikipedia


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