Happy BBQ Weekend #BBQ #MemorialDay #holiday

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Every Memorial Day, I see a lot of posts telling us that Memorial Day isn’t about BBQs, parades, and sports. Absolutely everyone knows that, so this is the typical “everyone wants to be a hero” mentality in play. Kind of ironic considering the day is supposed to be celebrating real heroes. In any event, despite positive trends, Americans still don’t take nearly as much of their vacation time as they should, and there are only eleven federal holidays, so not even one per month on average. On top of that, the private sector doesn’t recognize all of those holidays.

All of this is to say that the people who truly work for a living probably work a lot harder than we should. (I, for one, will be at work when this post goes live. EDIT: Confirmed. Three hours and counting.) If you have the opportunity to get a relaxing three-day weekend with friends or family, take advantage of it, and never apologize for it. After all, what have all those heroes fought and died for?

Just remember what I said yesterday . . . .

Funny Memorial Day Meme & Images | Wishlovequotes
Let’s just not lose sight of what the holiday is really about.

All gave some. Some gave all.

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