Star Paws #Caturday #StarWars

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Because I’m stupid, and Caturday was made for stupid.

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Sleep Apnea Isn’t The Only Reason to Get a C-Pap @stluis_htx #Caturday

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I have sleep apnea, so I use a c-pap. Apparently, this means I can get a cat without placing my life in danger.

Cats don’t care what you think.

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A Critical PSA: Does Your Cat Worship Satan? #Caturday #Satan

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Per the hard-hitting news source, Babylon Bee, there are ways to determine whether your cat is worshiping Satan.

  • Weird slit snake eyes — Alone this isn’t a huge deal, but coupled with the other signs, it could be bad. Keep reading.
  • Sharp hidden weapons in paws — This is a telltale sign. 
  • Always lands on feet as if by witchcraft — You should be worried.
  • . . .

Keep reading here.

Cats >> dogs.

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Cat (People) >> Dog (People) #caturday #rovember #cat #dog

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Sundays are now lazy days for me. Going forward, I’m just going to re-post other people’s work or just do something silly. Today it’s just a ridiculous observation.

How is “rovember” not a thing among dog lovers? The only two references I can find are 1) some video game shit I couldn’t decipher; and 2) a lawn mower company in Australia that makes “rovers.” Even Range Rovers don’t seem to take advantage of the obvious hashtag. Cat people are smart enough to take over a whole day of the week with Caturday.

Someone should hire me.

Cats win again!

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