I Shall Call Him . . . Gandalf. #Caturday #DnD #RPG #LotR

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He’s a Christian?

Kind of badass, really.

Cats >> druids.

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Responsibility #HomeSweetHome #Caturday

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A while back, my friend, Josie, asked, “Why don’t you have a cat?” I responded, “I’ll get a cat as soon as I grow up.” Now that I’ve bought a house, does that mean I’m an adult?

Probably not, but I may still get a cat. There are some advantages.

All I have to do is find one that looks just like me.

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I Must Admit . . . #Caturday #DnD #ADnD #RPG

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So in this image, cats are cast in the role of goblins (or at least baddies). I must admit there’s some sense to that.

Checks out.

Cats don’t give a shit, but at least they have my respect. Dogs would never make good adventurers. They’re all a bunch of followers all seeking the approval of their superiors. Maybe those bears are in charge.

Cats >> dogs.

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Cats from 1st Edition AD&D Oriental Adventures #DnD #RPG #ADnD #Caturday

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Recently, I discussed the introduction of eastern folklore and mythology to the MCU, and specifically discussed the shishi in Shang-Chi. This inspired me to crack open my new PDF of 1st Edition AD&D‘s (“1e“) Oriental Adventures, which I’d never read before. So far, I’m impressed, though I’ve just scratched the surface. Three new races, 10 new classes (10!), a bunch of new spells, and 31 new monsters. I find myself wondering whether the typical 1e player considered this book bloat, but I digress. Today is Caturday, so here are the cats that appear in Oriental Adventures.

Hengeyokai (p. 12)

One of the PC races, the hengeyokai (I’m assuming that’s also plural) are shape changers. Though not lycanthropes, they have the same three forms: animal, human, and a hybrid of the two. One type of hengeyokai is a cat, which must be chaotic (of course), and while naturally dexterous, has a penalty to wisdom (exactly what you’d expect).

Not particularly wise.

Generals of the Animal Kings: Tiger King (p. 120, Level X)

Oriental Adventures states that

The oriental mind has organized the world into a unified whole. One particularly strong belief is that of the Celestial Emperor, a powerful being who heads the Celestial Bureaucracy, a type of government of the spirits. Like the bureaucrats of the real world, these spirit officials can be corrupt, disobedient, just, or incompetent.

Oriental Adventures, page 116

Yes, I know. The “oriental mind.” *sigh* Anyway, one part of the bureaucracy are the generals of the animal kings, and the most powerful (by XP) type of general is the Tiger General, who suppresses rebellions or doles out punishment. He appears as a giant, anthropomorphic tiger wielding magic, scaring the hell out of characters with his appearance, and regenerating 5 hps/round. The best part, however, is that he wields a +5 vorpal sword (+8 to hit, 3 attacks/round). There could be more than one of them, and each one is always accompanied by 100 tigers. Good luck with that.

Shirokinukatsukami (p. 128, Level IX)

This one’s weird. Okay, it’s all weird, but this is really weird. The shirokinukatsukami has “the body of a horse, the face of a lion, the trunk and tusks of an elephant, the tail of a cow [intimidating!], and the feet of a tiger.” As far as I’m concerned, that’s enough to count as a cat. It’s a shame this book doesn’t provide a picture. Good luck visualizing that.

Google is your friend.

It can have up to 5 physical attacks per round, casts a lot of spells, regenerates, +3 or better weapon to hit. . . it’s a bad ass, which explains why there can be no more than four in existence at any point in time. This is also explained by how difficult it must be to build something like that. Fortunately, its lawful good, so your PCs should be okay even if it shows up.

Neither of the monsters appear on the random encounter table. They aren’t the kind of monster you’d want to randomly drop on a party. They deserve planning.

That’s it. Oriental Adventures has a ton of new material, but not a lot of cats.


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Dungeons & Dragons is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast, LLC, who neither contributed to nor endorsed the contents of this post. (Okay, jackasses?)

Shishi @ShangChi #Caturday #ShangChi #MCU

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Yesterday, I posted about Shang-Chi, which inspired a conversation with my friend, Tanya. All of this centered on the fact that there are tons of stories from mythologies beyond Western Europe that we don’t generally see in American art. Leave it to the MCU to take that step with Shang-Chi. Well, today is Caturday, so let’s go back to Shang-Chi.

Guardian Lions (Shishi)

Shang-Chi displayed a host of animals from Chinese legend. Two that stood out were guardian lions.

Credit Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki

In a language I don’t speak, they’re called shishi. Needless to say, the west has its own term for them: foo dogs. Yeah, we named them after dogs. We can’t even put them in the right taxonomical suborder.

Shishi traditionally guard places as a single, mated pair, one male and female, with a connection to the concept of yin and yang. There were only two in Shang-Chi guarding Ta Lo, so it looks like the MCU did at least a little bit of homework. They’re said to have the power to ward against things as threatening as disease and evil spirits to things as mundane as crowds and shar corners. Their role in the battle of Ta Lo is also consistent with legend. There isn’t a lot they could have done beyond that, but it’s good to see that they’re staying close enough to the legends as you can expect from cinema. Close enough for government work. (That’s a dig against Tanya.) 🙂

You can see this as introducing American audiences to other cultures; I see it as proof cats rule the world.

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Halloween Costumes for Cats #Caturday #Halloween

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See the source image

Is this really a costume? 1/10

This is a good costume for a cat. It’s a cat dressing as a “famous” cat. 8/10

I’m as enthusiastic as this cat is about this one. Not clever in any way that I can think of. 0/10

To use a trademark term, this is suggestive. Cats were basically worship by ancient Egyptians. 7/10

Again, not a costume. 1/10

A werewolf kitten? Now that’s a costume even though it isn’t. It’s a dog, get it? Plus, it insults vampires 10/10

Go ahead. Try to top werewolf kitten.

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