The Ides Have It! #IdesOfMarch #holiday

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This day in history . . . .

Today we remember the assassination of Julius Caesar. There were 60 people involved in the plot to kill him. He was stabbed only 23 times, 18 of those delivered after he was dead. One of the remaining 5 was only a scratch.

Sixty people agreed to do something together. Five people actually did the project, and one of those ultimately contributed nothing. Eighteen other people tried to get credit after it was finished. Thirty-seven people did absolutely nothing.

This sums every group project ever.

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I Bought Myself a Christmas Gift #Christmas #holiday

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Okay, not really. How can it be a gift if the receiver paid for it? Because I’m both, it’s just me buying shit.

Yeah, I know.

But here it is!

It’s an overpriced tumbler (duh!) with ancient Egyptian imagery. As a mythology nut, I love imagery from ancient cultures, and this is some of the good stuff.

Doesn’t mean I can read it.

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An RPG Christmas? #Christmas #holiday #RPG #TTRPG

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My office building management company has decorated for the holidays. Among the decorations are a Christmas Tree and wreath. He’s a close up of the wreat.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I hope so. I soooooo want to steal that ornament and make a d[whatever] out of it.

Yeah, I know.

Who says theft isn’t part of the Christmas spirit?


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Culinary Disappointment @stelmo #food #work

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I was in my local Harris Teeter grocery store the other day and something caught my eye.

Holy crap! St. Elmo’s is one of my favorite restaurants in the country, and one of the reasons is its renown cocktail sauce. This is . . . .

Wait a second! There’s no cocktail sauce here!

But that’s not all. I work with a title company, which is basically an insurance agent for insurance related to real property ownership. We have an underwriter, and they sent us holiday treats. However, very few of us were interested in anything beyond the one package of chocolate truffles.

It’s a lot of stuff, but this is representative of the majority of it:

Artichokes? Who are they? My mother? It is the kind of thing she’d torture me with, so that checks out.

This is where you say, “Awwwwwww. Poor Rob.”

First world problems.

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Baldr, the Norse Goddess of Light, Joy, Purity, and So Much More #MythologyMonday #MythologyMonandæg #folklore #norse

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As the holiday season continues, I give you yet another god that embodies the season’s spirit. Depending on who you ask, Baldr represented a lot of different things. The only commonality among these interpretations is that he was clearly the most beloved god. Everyone liked him.

Here’s a video on his tragic end.

Don’t feel sad, though. Baldr “returned” when Christianity spread through Scandanavia.

I hope Baldr’s joy reaches you during this holiday season.

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Happy Thanksgiving, Nerds! #Thanksgiving #DnD #TTRPG #RPG #StarTrek #TNG @BrainClouds

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A few years ago, David posted this stat block, which he recirculated recently.

Oddly, he received criticism for the stat block along the lines of, among other things, “wild turkeys can’t fly!” This is a stupid criticism because 1) dire turkeys are works of fiction in which magic may be involved, so they can be whatever the creator wants; and 2) even if you disregard #1, regardless of its biological cousins, even birds as large as an ostriches or cassowaries can’t fly because their just too damn big. Personally, I think my response (on Facebook) was the best he received.

If only Mr. Carlson had had access to this stat block in 1978….

But what would the holidays be without a little Star Trek thrown in?

It wouldn’t be a holiday at all, that’s what!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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In case the tweet is deleted, here’s the image.