d4s: The Black Sheep of the Dice Set #ADnD #DnD #RPG

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I really hate d4s, and just searching for “I hate d4s” on Google shows that I’m not alone.

They’re clumsy to roll, and they’re as dangerous as Legos if you lose one in the shag carpet. Unfortunately, one thing that is certain to drive me nuts when I return to 1st Edition AD&D: It seems like d4s are the most common dice rolled for spellcasting. How long are targets blinded by Power Word Blind? Depending on their hit dice, either 1d4+1 turns or 1d4+1 rounds. How long do clerics charm snakes with Snake Charm? Depending on their mood, 1d4+2 turns, 1d3 turns, or 1d4+4 turns. Maze lasts either 1d4 turns, 5d4 rounds, 4d4 rounds, 3d4 rounds, 2d4 rounds, or 1d4 rounds depending on the target’s intelligence. Animate Object, Animate Rock, Regenerate, Symbol, Wall of Thorns … the list goes on. So far, I’ve entered over 300 spells into my database, so a complete list would be impossible here.

Not only are you rolling d4s, but sometimes you’re rolling a ton of them. Flame Strike does 6d4 points of damage. For Enchant an Item, the casting time is 16+8d4 hours. Aerial Servant summons an Aerial Servant (duh), which does 8d4 damage on their attacks. How much damage does a Meteor Swarm spell do? Depending on the type, either 5d4 or 10d4. Who the hell has 10 d4s?

Okay, maybe a lot of you, but that’s your burden.

Freaking caltrops in disguise.

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