Cat People v. Dog People and the MCU @MarvelStudios #Caturday #MCU

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Here’s an article pondering who in the MCU is a cat person v. dog person. I have a response to each entry.

  1. Loki, cat person: Hiddleston provided the best acting in the entire MCU.
  2. Steve Rogers, dog person: I’ve been called libertarian (or libertarian adjacent), and that label is reasonable, but Steve Rogers is the most naïve of libertarians. “We don’t trade lives.” Really? One willing life for trillions of unaware innocents? That’s a dog person for you.
  3. Tony Stark, cat person: Tony Stark is the MCU.
  4. Bruce Banner, dog person: Couldn’t figure out a woman loved him until she beat him over the head with it. Even then, walked away from it. Dipshit.
  5. Thor, cat person: Strongest Avenger and had the greatest entrance in the history of cinema.
  6. Natasha Romanoff, cat person: The glue of the Avengers. Everyone had a special relationship with her.
  7. Clint Barton, dog person: Every rule has an exception, and this is it. Clint’s alright.
  8. Nick Fury, cat person: He’s the spy. He organized the whole thing without a superpower to stand on.
  9. Sam Wilson, dog person: Really a cat person, but went dog because he does whatever Steve Rogers does, just slower. Loses respect points for that one.
  10. Bucky Barnes, dog person: He was probably a cat person until Hydra scrambled his brains.
  11. The Vision, dog person: Because dog people aren’t really people.
  12. Wanda Maximoff, cat person: Rivals Thor for strongest Avenger. Took on Thanos one-on-one.
  13. James “Rhodey” Rhodes, dog person: Iron Man wannabe. Really mean person requiring unconditional love in order to have companionship. Yep. Dog person.
  14. Peter Parker, dog person: Again, requiring unconditional love, but in Peter’s case, it’s because he’s an insecure teenager. He’ll grow out of it. He better.
  15. Carol Danvers, cat person: She can fly in space. Her powers come from an infinity stone.
  16. Scott Lang, dog person: No, he’s a cat person. They say he’s an excitable pup, but opposites attract, and the opposite of a pup is a kitty. Scott’s still okay in my book.
  17. T’Challa, cat person: Ruler of the most technologically-advanced kingdom in the world. A freaking king.

MCU cat people >> MCU dog people.

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