d4s: The Black Sheep of the Dice Set #ADnD #DnD #RPG

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I really hate d4s, and just searching for “I hate d4s” on Google shows that I’m not alone.

Good o'l Gary Gygax. He had our back.: DnD

They’re clumsy to roll, and they’re as dangerous as Legos if you lose one in the shag carpet. Unfortunately, one thing that is certain to drive me nuts when I return to 1st Edition AD&D: It seems like d4s are the most common dice rolled for spellcasting. How long are targets blinded by Power Word Blind? Depending on their hit dice, either 1d4+1 turns or 1d4+1 rounds. How long do clerics charm snakes with Snake Charm? Depending on their mood, 1d4+2 turns, 1d3 turns, or 1d4+4 turns. Maze lasts either 1d4 turns, 5d4 rounds, 4d4 rounds, 3d4 rounds, 2d4 rounds, or 1d4 rounds depending on the target’s intelligence. Animate Object, Animate Rock, Regenerate, Symbol, Wall of Thorns … the list goes on. So far, I’ve entered over 300 spells into my database, so a complete list would be impossible here.

Not only are you rolling d4s, but sometimes you’re rolling a ton of them. Flame Strike does 6d4 points of damage. For Enchant an Item, the casting time is 16+8d4 hours. Aerial Servant summons an Aerial Servant (duh), which does 8d4 damage on their attacks. How much damage does a Meteor Swarm spell do? Depending on the type, either 5d4 or 10d4. Who the hell has 10 d4s?

Okay, maybe a lot of you, but that’s your burden.

Freaking caltrops in disguise.

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