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I’ve written about how poorly written (technically speaking) 1st Edition AD&D (“1e”)is written. The rules are often vague and sometimes even contradictory. Here is another article with a pretty good summary of some of the errors and omissions, and it links to a couple of other items expanding on specific issues.

I get it. Gary was a groundbreaker, and his profession was that of an insurance salesman or a cobbler. We all forgive how poorly organized and written the books are because, under the circumstances, what he did was remarkable. However, that’s no reason to deny how poorly organized and written the books are. If you don’t admit that, you’ll be of no help to people trying to return to, or try out, 1e. It’s a game with a lot of good in it. I, for one, would like to see more people playing it. They’ll need some help.

. . . as do I. 🙂

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