Name! That! Monster! #RPG #TTRPG

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Yesterday’s post was inspired by this one.

“It looks delicious,” said both I and the cube.

Naming this monster is a good exercise, but before you can do that, you have to decide its nature. Is it a gelatinous cube that was fed spaghetti to keep it from eating people, or is it a cube of spaghetti? If the former, we know its name, and this is boring. So, let’s assume the latter. Spaghettinous cube? Pastanous cube? Noondlenous cube? Is that really spaghetti and marinara sauce, or is this creature a small intestines surrounded by blood? In that case, intestinous cube?

Maybe it’s a magic device. The Spaghetteract?

Microsoft Paint is not Photoshop.

The more I think about it, the more interesting an intestinous cube would be (regardless of what we call it).

We can all agree on “cube,” right?

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