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The Two Popes is another movie that’s been sitting in my queue since it came out, but I never got around to seeing it. It’s led by Jonathan Pryce (Pope Francis) and Anthony Hopkins (Pope Benedict, a.k.a., Johnny Ratz), so you know it’s going to be well-acted. There are two things that struck me about it. First, it’s an interesting behind-the-scenes account not only of the drama of a retiring pope (the focus), but also how the mechanism of the Vatican’s selection process. I always find the latter fascinating.

Second, I had my reaction to the movie, of course, but I suspect how people take this movie will be far more varied than most because of the subject matter. My interpretation is that, despite the mission of the Vatican, the mechanism and politics are no different than any large business. Some may say it’s run more like a government, and that may be true (technically, it is one), but that’s not how I saw this movie. Still others may see it from the religious point of view, seeing it as either an exaltation or a fall from grace of the church (depending on the viewer’s perspective).

However you view this movie, it seems to be doing something right. As always, YMMV.

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