Favorite Watch: The Seventh Seal (1957) by Ingmar Bergman #movie #death #GoodWatch #QuarantineLife

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Sundays are now lazy days for me. Going forward, I’m just going to re-post other people’s work or just do something silly. Today, it’s my favorite movie of all time offered without any sort of analysis. It’s about a group of people that are dying of the plague, and in order to fend them off, a knight plays chess with death. If he wins, they all survive. You may be familiar with its influence elsewhere. The entire movie is available free on YouTube, though YouTube also offers it as a paid rental. :-/ I re-watched it last week. This is a movie I studied in school, and it’s one of those that has lots to unpack. I’ll leave it to you to peel them away if you so choose, though there’s always some help available.

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