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We all know that cats are chaotic neutral, which in their case means they can fluctuate between good and evil on a whim (as opposed to being motivated towards achieving cosmic balance). Here’s proof of the evil side (as if you needed any):

Well, what’s a theory without data backing it up?

Yeah, but. . . .

Hmmm . . . . Those were surprisingly easy to find. QED, I guess.

Cats >> dogs.

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In case the tweet is ever deleted . . . .


Let’s Give Dogs Their Day #Caturday #FarSide

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Dumb Dogs GIFs | Tenor
This was a failed attempt to fool the algorithm into using this as the preview image.

Every Saturday, and sometimes on other days, I make a point of how much better cats are than dogs. And how much better Star Trek is than Star Wars. When I can do both, it’s Nirvana.

But hey. I have an olive branch to extend to the dog-lovers out there.

Suckers. Dogs are dumb.

Oh, and another thing. Tomorrow is July 4, which is a good time to remind you that everyone goofs up from time to time. It usually works out eventually.

Cats >> dogs.

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Vegas is Back, Baby! #Vacation #Vegas #Caturday

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As of today, I’m officially vaccinated, as in two shots plus two weeks. I’m still wearing my mask to reduce contact points for those that aren’t vaccinated. Why? Well, why not? My masks are cool.

Everybody’s politics can suck it!
I take that back.

Anyhoo, because I’m good-to-go on that front, I’m resuming my annual trip to Las Vegas this year, which will be in mid-September instead of the typical Columbus Day week. I fly out on September 11th.

Michael Scott Disgusting GIF - MichaelScott Disgusting Gross - Discover &  Share GIFs

The timing is a shame because a coworker is flying out Columbus Day week to renew her wedding vows in a DC-comics inspired wedding. Her husband is currently choosing between Batman and Catwoman being married by the Joker, or the Joker and Harley Quinn being married by Batman. But that’s another tangent.


I take blackjack very seriously, and since developing a regular system, I always come back a winner. Part of my success is that, whereas your credit card may earn you free gas or airfare, my credit card that I use for everything earns me gambling comps with MGM hotels. (I should be paid for that link.) I’m going to enjoy fine dining every night and pay only for tax and tip. I win automatically just for paying my phone bill or filling my car’s gas tank. A more on-point part of my success is practice, so I’ve brought out the gambling set to start practicing. I’ll be using this to train the aforementioned coworker as well.

The system is progressive betting (not card counting), and the trick is a difficult combination of patience and discipline. If you look up progressive betting online, the definition changes depending on who you ask. Many conveniently use the term to refer exclusively to regressive betting, which is the exact opposite of what I do. They do so because they’re card counters trying to sell you their system, and they can easily prove that regressive betting is a big loser. I increase my bet while winning, and my maximum bet per hand is capped. Despite the criticism, its only genuine downside is that it cuts against human nature. That’s where the discipline come in. Without it, you’ll lose. Stick with the plan for the long haul, and you’ll likely win. My personal experience, both long-term and short-term, is too one-sided in my favor to worry about what those blackjack entrepreneurs say. Here’s my greatest war story.


Trial by Fire

My favorite gambling spot is Mandalay Bay. Three trips ago, I showed up with a $3,000 bankroll, but I was playing as if I had only $2,500 ($25 base bet). That gave me a $500 cushion. The first day, there were no $25 tables on the floor, so they opened one in the high-roller room for me. After 4 hours, I was up about $400, and they moved me out of the high-roller room. Normally, I play between 10-15 hours a day with only one break to eat, but the casino had forced me to stop, so I took the opportunity to get some lunch. It wrecked my rhythm. I then went back to the grind. After another 10 hours of gambling, I lost about $2,200, so I was $1,800 down (out of $3,000). I didn’t panic, but it forced me to readjust my routine.

The next day, I head over to Excalibur, which always likes to hand me money. I spent about 12 hours on the table betting as if my bankroll was $1,000 (which makes sense; I had $1,200 left), and for the last hour I was by myself. I was already up quite a bit at that point, but it was rapid fire. The dealer and I were on a freaking roll, but I was killing her, departing from the system and betting over $100 a hand at times. When all was said and done, I won $1,900, so I was $100 up over all (even factoring huge tips to the dealer).

How do you think I reacted to that?

I wasn’t satisfied. I don’t care that I was up $100. I don’t care that both casinos were part of the MGM network. I wanted my $1,800 back from Mandalay Bay, dammit! So, for my last day of gambling, that’s where I ended the day. (I beat up Luxor before heading there.) It was the longest day of gambling I ever had: over 16 hours. Obviously, people come and go over that period, but every table makeup was filled with people who knew what they were doing (like my now-Facebook friend, Kaia) or wanted to learn. The table was perfect for almost every minute of those 16+ hours. By 3 am, I was up only $650. If I didn’t have to fly out fairly early the next morning, I would have kept going. With all the comped food, I ended up about $1,100 (40% of my betting bankroll) for the trip.

Of course, no one believes any of this until I actually show them, but those that have seen it never doubt me again. And if you doubt me, I don’t care. My winnings have paid for a Surface Pro 3 and a laptop, and almost every year it pays for my hotel for my other regular vacation in February. Believe me or don’t believe me; I don’t give a shit. Unlike the card counters trying to sell you something, I don’t make money if you believe me.

BTW, card counting absolutely works and is the best system if you can pull it off. I used it successfully when I first started my trips, but a good betting strategy is more relaxing and far less prone to fatal mistakes. I’ll occasionally do it as a mental exercise but rarely base my bets on the card count.

What’s Next?

Are you kidding? I’m wiring my gambling money to Mandalay Bay ahead of time, and as soon as I’m checked into my hotel, I’m heading downstairs to win that remaining $1,150 back! Okay, not really. I’ve already done that in past trips, thought New York, New York is still up on me. I do need a new laptop, and sure, I can afford to buy one, but I’d rather have MGM pay for it. 🙂 However, I raise an issue for those heading to Vegas. Some casinos will accept wires ahead of time. Mandalay Bay is one of them even if you aren’t staying there. Whatever money you want to apply to gambling, wire it to them. Otherwise, you have to find a branch of your bank off-Strip that’s open, or you’ll have to carry a bunch of cash on your flights to and from there. That money is earmarked for gambling only, and after your trip, they wire whatever’s left back to the account from which you wired it. The only money you can withdraw from those funds as cash are winnings. For Mandalay Bay, you can transfer the money to any MGM casino if you want a change of scenery. They have a lot of properties in Vegas.

N.b., no system is fool proof. Always go into a casino being fully prepared to bottom out, which means you should never bet your rent money. You can spot people doing that all the time, and it’s sad. Pit bosses and dealers are always impressed with my calm demeanor and sense of humor, even in the face of big losses. If you can’t afford to lose everything, or you don’t appreciate that losses are part of the game (it’s just math), don’t play. Period.

Oh, and I almost forgot.

Caturday shall not be denied!!!

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Cat Grammar #Caturday

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As a follow up to yesterday’s post on language, today I give you a combination of language and the silliness of Caturday. It’s an oldie but goodie, and by “oldie” I mean “old in the context of the internet.” It’s not old like I’m old.

My cat hearing me make 10 grammatical mistakes in just one meow: - iFunny :)

It’s not as if Caturday is supposed to be taken seriously.

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend #Caturday #MemorialDay

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Here are some Memorial Day memes appropriate for Caturday, and thus light-hearted ones.

I will, of course, be spending even more time at the gym.
And perhaps more time lounging around.
15 Funny 'Veterans Day Memes' Images & Jokes for Facebook | Veterans day  meme, Happy veterans day quotes, Veterans day quotes
This one’s just to annoy those purists who don’t like Memorial Day confused with Veterans’ Day. I suspect *any* “thank you” is appreciated.
Funny Memorial Day Memes | Viral Memes
Well, I will be spending the weekend on the carnivore diet.

For me, the only ritual in which I reliably partake is the NCAA men’s lacrosse championship weekend. I’ll be rooting for Maryland until they lose or win it all.

Funny Memorial Day Meme & Images | Wishlovequotes
Let’s just not lose sight of what the holiday is really about.

All gave some. Some gave all.

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Jesus Loves Football #Caturday

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I don’t like discussing sports here. I keep that on another blog for that, even though I don’t really blog there anymore. However, this blog is certainly a place for goofy Caturday fare, and I do like to point out that this meme will never die, so here you go.

Don’t be afraid, nerds.

Not nerdy enough? How about this one?

Pin by Richard Mathias on Dungeons and dragons | Memes, Smudging, Cat memes
But this one isn’t funny.

Smudge is my spirit animal.

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