All Movies Are Christmas Movies (Apparently) *sigh* @aprilajoyr #Christmas #movie

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I always like to say that art is in the eye of the beholder. . .

Shut up.

. . . but even that should have limits.

Is First Blood a Christmas movie? There’s a damn Christmas tree in it.

I think it’s getting out of hand. It seems like every movie could be considered a Christmas movie because 1) there’s bound to be a guy with a beard in it, and 2) there’s bound to be a tree somewhere in there.

Hell. The Lord of the Rings trilogy had trees with beards, so they qualify, huh?

I guess they’re also a kids’ movies.

And I guess The Guardian (1990) also qualifies because it’s about a tree and its fae inhabitant.

It’s a disappointing gift, like a pair of socks.

And what the hell, why isn’t this a Christmas movie?

I see some vegetation in that scene.

No, this is really about nerds not knowing when to quit when it comes to humor. The joke is played out and using it for all movies dilutes its humor as to Die Hard. As Kirk told Uhura, “Too much of anything, lieutenant, even love isn’t necessarily a good thing.”

Yeah, I know.

Leave the joke for Die Hard, or it won’t be a joke anymore.

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