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I know Christmas is over, but I have the day off because Christmas was on a Sunday, so today still counts. Sort of. So, for Mythology Monday, let’s dive into the legend of Krampus care of our pals at Mythology & Fiction Explained.

He seems fun.

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Some Christmas Memes #MerryChristmas #Christmas #holiday #LotR #Futurama #StarTrek #Starwars #MonsterVerse #DCU

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Bill Burr had a great bit, which I’ll paraphrase here.

Friend: You’re Catholic, right? Bill: No. Friend: But didn’t you got to Catholic school when you were younger? Bill: Yes. Friend: Then why aren’t you Catholic? Bill: Because I went to Catholic school when I was younger.

That said, I was raised Catholic. 😁 But I, as I bet Bill does, celebrate Christmas to the extent that I celebrate anything. Those are the fun rituals I know, and those are the memes I post.

This again?



Less sexy.

No, it’s not, but we can all agree that it wouldn’t be Christmas without a little Star Trek.

How about some other universes? Dungeons & Dragons?

The MonsterVerse?

The DCU?

Okay, Star Wars nerds. Here’s one for you.

A dubious inclusion.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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Dungeons & Dragons is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast, LLC, who neither contributed to, nor endorsed, the contents of this post. (Okay, jackasses?)

I Bought Myself a Christmas Gift #Christmas #holiday

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Okay, not really. How can it be a gift if the receiver paid for it? Because I’m both, it’s just me buying shit.

Yeah, I know.

But here it is!

It’s an overpriced tumbler (duh!) with ancient Egyptian imagery. As a mythology nut, I love imagery from ancient cultures, and this is some of the good stuff.

Doesn’t mean I can read it.

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An RPG Christmas? #Christmas #holiday #RPG #TTRPG

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My office building management company has decorated for the holidays. Among the decorations are a Christmas Tree and wreath. He’s a close up of the wreat.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I hope so. I soooooo want to steal that ornament and make a d[whatever] out of it.

Yeah, I know.

Who says theft isn’t part of the Christmas spirit?


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All Movies Are Christmas Movies (Apparently) *sigh* @aprilajoyr #Christmas #movie

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I always like to say that art is in the eye of the beholder. . .

Shut up.

. . . but even that should have limits.

Is First Blood a Christmas movie? There’s a damn Christmas tree in it.

I think it’s getting out of hand. It seems like every movie could be considered a Christmas movie because 1) there’s bound to be a guy with a beard in it, and 2) there’s bound to be a tree somewhere in there.

Hell. The Lord of the Rings trilogy had trees with beards, so they qualify, huh?

I guess they’re also a kids’ movies.

And I guess The Guardian (1990) also qualifies because it’s about a tree and its fae inhabitant.

It’s a disappointing gift, like a pair of socks.

And what the hell, why isn’t this a Christmas movie?

I see some vegetation in that scene.

No, this is really about nerds not knowing when to quit when it comes to humor. The joke is played out and using it for all movies dilutes its humor as to Die Hard. As Kirk told Uhura, “Too much of anything, lieutenant, even love isn’t necessarily a good thing.”

Yeah, I know.

Leave the joke for Die Hard, or it won’t be a joke anymore.

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In case the tweet is deleted, here’s the screenshot.

Culinary Disappointment @stelmo #food #work

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I was in my local Harris Teeter grocery store the other day and something caught my eye.

Holy crap! St. Elmo’s is one of my favorite restaurants in the country, and one of the reasons is its renown cocktail sauce. This is . . . .

Wait a second! There’s no cocktail sauce here!

But that’s not all. I work with a title company, which is basically an insurance agent for insurance related to real property ownership. We have an underwriter, and they sent us holiday treats. However, very few of us were interested in anything beyond the one package of chocolate truffles.

It’s a lot of stuff, but this is representative of the majority of it:

Artichokes? Who are they? My mother? It is the kind of thing she’d torture me with, so that checks out.

This is where you say, “Awwwwwww. Poor Rob.”

First world problems.

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Christmas Leftovers #StarWars #Christmas

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Sundays now are lazy days for me. I either post something silly or other people’s work. Usually both. Today, it’s a meme appropriate to the aftermath of Christmas.

Okay, I take that back. There’s nothing “appropriate” about this meme.

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A Star Trek Christmas! @StarTrek #Christmas #StarTrek

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I was raised Catholic, but I’m, let’s just say, unaffiliated at the moment. Still, if there were any reason for me to engage in holiday traditions, it would be Christmas. In fact, people like me have influenced United States Supreme Court precedent on the Establishment Clause, but that’s a story for another day.

Patrick Stewart likes to talk about Star Trek as the modern human’s mythology, and I guess that applies to me. So, here’s my means to celebrate Christmas. Sort of. It’s all the memes that hit my stream this year, some of which are new to me. This is my mythology.

From one of the best episodes of TNG.

Fortunately, I never have to worry about this sort of thing.

Kirk is such a hound dog.

I would buy this outfit.


Some more decorations.

Humans apparently still celebrate Christmas in 2364, as evidenced by their viewing of Christmas movies.

Worf never got it. He never got anything.

But seriously . . .

Worf I get, but Gowron? I had no idea that Klingons celebrated Christmas.

Happy Star Trek Day … I mean, holidays!

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