Happy Independence Day, 2022! #July4 #IndependenceDay #USA

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Today is a day to remember what our ancestors truly fought and died for,

Here’s some silly trivia for you. As I high school junior, I had no idea the English used the word biscuit in the ways they did. I first learned about it in English class. We were given the assignment of taking a song from pop culture and discussing it’s theme. We were encouraged to find a theme that was surprising, such as Bruce Springsteen’s anti-war anthem, Born in the U.S.A., which was mistakenly interpreted to be a celebration of our country. I presented Get Rich from my favorite Kansas album, Drastic Measures. Several students chose relatively long songs like Us and Them by Pink Floyd just to screw with the teacher. One guy chose Oh, My God by the Police, which contained the lyric, “Oh, my God, you take the biscuit.” I found that weird, asked about it, and learned something.

Well, that was a completely irrelevant tangent, but this is how my brain works.

Remember, this holiday is all about Jaws.

Happy July 4th!

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