The Real Periodic Table of Elements #science #chemistry

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Like many of you, I took a year of chemistry in high school. I also took a year of physics. I started college as an engineering student and switched majors to physics. Both majors required that I have two semesters of chemistry there. Yet, in all that time, I’d never seen the periodic table of elements in its true form. Not once. I decided to do a Google image search, and sure enough, I couldn’t find one anywhere on the internet. So, I took one from Google and more accurately expressed its structure.


Okay, I know. It’s harder to fit on a page like this. Nevertheless, I still find it odd that after a half a century, someone with a science education has never once encountered it in its true form. It’s just weird. So is this because some of those elements look human 🙂 , but it’s neat.

$12.99 cheap.


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