Freaking Spammers!

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I’ve whined about how most of my followers and likers on my blog are spammers, but a couple of days ago there was an explosion (relatively speaking) of those numbers. A bunch of spammers trying to sell me pet food are now liking and following my blog. Why? Because my Sunday ridiculousness mentioned cats and dogs in the title of that post. I’m a cat person but don’t have any pets (other than those damn house centipedes), and I personally prefer hamburgers and pizza, so I have no desire to purchase pet food.

This reminds me of how often I receive emails offering me interviews for Oracle and SQL Server DBA positions. I haven’t done that kind of work in about 20 years. I understand the notion of hitting the widest possible audience, such that even a tenth of a percent return is still a very large number, but maybe some focus might bring them better success, especially the recruiters. After all, if I answered one of their emails and they hired me, I’d screw it all up. If my resume hasn’t been updated in 20 years, maybe I’m not the most qualified person for the job.

I need Chris Crocker to create a “Leave Rob alone!” video.

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