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Here’s the tagline from HBO Max:

A printer named Henry Spencer is on vacation when he learns that his ex-girlfriend, Mary X, has given birth to a terribly deformed baby. Henry marries Mary and the two try living together, but it does not work out. So Mary leaves and Henry begins to care for the baby. After this, several bizarre events take place.

Wait, what? After this things get bizarre? Haven’t you been paying attention up to this point?

There are visions of a woman in Henry’s radiator who dances and crushes small, tadpole-like creatures. Henry has a tryst with a woman who lives across the hall, and he has a dream that his head is being used to make pencil erasers.

Did I like it? I don’t know. I saw it three days ago and am still trying to figure out why’d they even let the mother take the baby home. Where did the baby’s poop go. Could all that oatmeal be the poop that was stored under pressure?

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I want to see a sequel called EThead. That baby looked like an human/ET hybrid. As always, YMMV.

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