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I was recently encouraged to watch the Disney TV show, Agent Carter. When I heard that it had been cancelled, I was disappointed. I assumed Marvel would do a great job of it. They didn’t.

The cast was good, the cameos were fun, and the acting was at least decent, but these things were wasted on terrible, and at times nonsensical, writing. Much like horror movies, the plot — sometimes even individual scenes — depended on incredibly stupid actions of the characters. This was made possible by staffing the nation’s most important intelligence agency with people who were so bad at their jobs that they couldn’t tell when a child was pretending to be scared. Seriously. This is literally a scene in the first season. In general, I kept asking myself, “Why did he/she do that? That makes no sense!” Additionally, hypnosis is a suspect concept, but giving it the full benefit of the doubt, Agent Carter takes hypnosis to an even dumber level, and that’s a major plot point. This wasn’t dramatic license; it was a case where the writers lacked the competence to tell their story without including utter bullshit.

Season 2 wasn’t any better. “Don’t tip the [thing] over! Just put it in the case.” The whole time, I was thinking, “But how are they going to carry the case out of there if the contents can’t be tipped?” Sure enough, once the [thing] was in the case, they just casually walked away carrying the case by the handle, jostling it as they went. This is just one example of incredibly stupid writing throughout the series. It’s especially stupid considering that a single line of dialogue could have eliminated the stupidity. And while I liked the actor who played Jarvis, I stand by my position.

The show had very good Rotten Tomatoes scores, but I suspect that’s because, like me, people wanted to like it. The truth, as evidenced by the ratings, is that overall they really didn’t.

I’m not surprised it didn’t receive a third season. As always, YMMV.

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