Guilty Pleasure (in reverse): Colossal @hulu #GuiltyPleasure #QuarantineLife #colossal

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I find myself in the odd position of agreeing with the critics and abandoning the common folks. Over on Rotten Tomatoes, Colossal earned scores of 81 from the critics and 59 from the audience. I’m with the critics.

Anne Hathaway plays a self-destructive woman who winds up in her hometown because she has nowhere else to go. She meets up with a childhood friend played by Jason Sudekis. Long story short, she discovers that she has a connection with a giant monster attacking Seoul, South Korea. However, this isn’t a story about a monster . . . except that it is. People can be as bad as any kaijuThe movie took a hard turn for the “holy crap!“, taking me completely off guard.

I thought it was clever and liked both Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudekis, neither of whom I usually like.

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