Guilty Pleasure: Battle: Los Angeles @aaroneckhart #movie #GuiltyPleasure #QuarantineLife

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Battle: Los Angeles just returned to Netflix. Rotten Tomatoes reports a score of 36 from the film critics (who mean nothing to me) and 48 from the audience. That means, to the population at large, it sucks. I don’t care. I love the science fiction aspect to it, and surprisingly I like that no explanations are given. Instead, the story is completely about the humans. It’s not just that they win the fight; their relationships and self-determination are in the forefront. I’m a huge Star Trek: Original Series fan precisely because it was never really about the bells and whistles of the setting, but was instead a morality play at heart. It was 20th-century humanity living in the 23rd century. Similarly, BLA is about the humans, not the alien invaders.

Who among us can’t relate to that?  

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