I’m at Winter Fantasy #Caturday #DnD #TTRPG #RPG

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I’m at Winter Fantasy in arctic Ft. Wayne, IN, so here are some stupid Caturday images that seem appropriate.

That’s a lot of dice. That little guy must be playing a rogue.

I love that this DC (Dungeon Cat. Get it?) is preparing to pull out an old white dragon on this party. I’m not sure if that thing will fit in that room.

I was scheduled to run three sessions of 1st Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Each session would be a different leg of White Plume Mountain. Not a single table went off. I sold only one ticket for the third session, and needless to say, that guy decided to find his way onto another table. I’ll be running the adventure in the van on the way home, however, so I’ll get my fix.

Cats >> RPGs.

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