The D&D Blood War and Being a Buzzkill #DnD #RPG #TTRPG #demon #devil #buzzkill

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And now, your moment of buzzkill.

While this was a brilliant way to defeat the encounter, I suspect this is a fake story written by someone with little Dungeons & Dragons experience. In folklore, there’s no distinction between demons and devils; they’re the same thing. However, this is a D&D meme. It mentions the game within its text and claims this is a real encounter. Well, any established player would know that demons don’t “steal souls”; they simply attack and tear you to shreds. They have no concept of negotiation and wouldn’t even have proposed the bargain. Devils are the ones who enter into contracts for your soul, so clearly this is the work of a devil.

Or maybe I’m the devil. Whatever. You know I’m right.

Not that that necessarily matters.

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