The D&D Blood War and Being a Buzzkill #DnD #RPG #TTRPG #demon #devil #buzzkill

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And now, your moment of buzzkill.

While this was a brilliant way to defeat the encounter, I suspect this is a fake story written by someone with little Dungeons & Dragons experience. In folklore, there’s no distinction between demons and devils; they’re the same thing. However, this is a D&D meme. It mentions the game within its text and claims this is a real encounter. Well, any established player would know that demons don’t “steal souls”; they simply attack and tear you to shreds. They have no concept of negotiation and wouldn’t even have proposed the bargain. Devils are the ones who enter into contracts for your soul, so clearly this is the work of a devil.

Or maybe I’m the devil. Whatever. You know I’m right.

Not that that necessarily matters.

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Demons! #BoardGame #RPG #TTRPG #StPatricksDay #StPat

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“#RPG” and “#TTRPG” aren’t appropriate hashtags for this post, but screw it. This is about a board game that had great appeal among the 1st Edition D&D folk. Last weekend, I received a copy of a board game purchased on eBay. The game is called Demons.

As you can see, it’s not in mint condition, but considering this was a board game from the 70s that was probably sitting in an attic for decades, this is in remarkably good shape. Going into the purchase I was told that only a single chip was missing, but there are enough blank chips that I could reproduce it if needed.

I bought this game in tandem with the original Dungeon. If, when I mention Dungeon, you think about a box set twice this size with a hard map, then you’re not thinking old school enough. No, the copy I bought with Demons was the one from 1975 (though I purchased it around 1978 or 1979).

Back to Demons. I remember my older brother and uncle ruining this game for me by defacing the instruction manual with rules about how the characters would have to masturbate in a corner if they lost a fight. Juvenile garbage like that. Remember, just a few years later, the Satanic Panic hit me hard. That didn’t occur in a vacuum.

Now, this is clearly a trip down memory lane for me, but let’s not come away from this post without a lesson. Way back when, I was pontificating on how overpriced online sales have become. The reason is that too many of us are willing to pay unreasonable prices in order to relieve simpler times. With a little patience, you can generate that same reward for 1/3 the price. The first copy of Demons I saw on eBay was being sold for $39.99 plus $23.00 shipping. I explained to the guy that I didn’t think it was worth nearly that much, and the insane shipping cost was obviously a way to charge even more for it. I told him to lower the price to $7.00 so that I could pay a total of $30 for it. I thought that was fair. He rejected the offer, and as you can see, the dipshit is still sitting on it.

“30% off”? Seriously, who falls for that bullshit?

I moved on and found this copy for which I paid $26.99 with an extra $5.00 for shipping. He has money; I have my childhood. Everyone wins except the dipshit, and all we needed was just a little patience.

I think I’m going to mail these guys a check for $103.20. The subscriptions are cheaper if you commit for a longer time. At last I’m becoming a crafty consumer.

Aside: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Patience is a virtue.

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