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Going forward, Sundays are lazy for me. I either post something silly or other people’s work. Usually both. Today, it’s a bit less lazy of a post, but it references other people’s work, so it qualifies.

I put together another bookshelf, and in doing so started unpacking some more books. I found some gems in there. I used to run a gaming club in the Washington, DC area, and as a result, I was given a lot of WotC material for our game days, much of which was never taken out of its shrink wrap. I also have tons of duplicates. This is what I’ve discovered.

First up is material from some great writers, only one of which hates me. (Don’t hold it against him; I’m a tough pill to swallow.) Art credit to Ralph Horsley and Eric Belisle.

The latter has some supplemental material.

Major NPC cards with backstory and roleplaying information on the back.

Trigger warning: Is anyone else’s OCD going off right now? Art credit to Craig Spearing.

Where’s Chapter 2?!?!

These were something of a mistake for WotC, as I discussed with a WotC employee at GenCon who shall remain nameless. They were far too brutal for D&D Encounters, which was a program designed to introduce new players to the game. Some of us like brutal adventures and campaigns. In this century, we are clearly the minority. Art credit to William O’Connor.

Somewhere in Portland, Oregon, someone is squealing (you know who you are).

Oddly enough, I never played or ran either one of these, yet the shrink wrap has been removed from them. I’m guessing the DMs gave them back to me, but that doesn’t make a lot of sense. I allowed them to keep them because I had so many. Art credit to Eric Belisle and Alexey Aparin.

One of these authors has no idea what he’s doing (you know who you are).

For these, art credit goes to Alexey Aparin, Eric Belisle, and William O’Connor.

I don’t recall playing or running any of these either. I had a lot of helpers.

Okay, Logan. We get it. You like Drow. Art credit to Tyler Jacobson and McLean Kendree.

Or maybe Logan doesn’t. It’s just a job.

As I’ve said, I have unfinished business with 4th Edition D&D (and 3rd Edition and more 3rd Edition).

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Dungeons & Dragons is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast, LLC, who neither contributed to nor endorsed the contents of this post. (Okay, jackasses?)


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