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There’s a new Geico commercial. Usually, I like them, but this one annoys me. In it, Medusa has turned some squirrels to stone, and when Zeus calls her away, she restores them to their natural state. This annoys me not only because Medusa didn’t have that power in legend, but also because I know the reason for it: Because if the animals weren’t restored, there’d have been a social media campaign calling for a boycott against Geico. Advertisers are very careful about how they present their ads, coddling us far more than we deserve.

With that, I give you the … “real”(?) story of the Gorgons care of Mythology & Fiction Explained.

See 7:45 for a list of their powers.

Of course, it’s all make-believe, so you can give them whatever powers you want in your RPGs. In fact, you probably should carve out your own creative path.

Lighten up, Francis. (<– You’ll see.)

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