“Vin Diesel” Takes You on an Adventure @rmchairGamer @merrittk @VinDiesel #DnD #RPG

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My friend, Kurt, found this site by Merritt K. Word at which “Vin Diesel” takes you through an adventure. I’d be shocked if Vin gave his permission for this site, but stranger things have happened. Besides, he probably wouldn’t object to it if he found out.

All he ever says is, “I am Melkor.”

It’s actually frustratingly simple but could serve as the basis for a rather interesting advertisement for playing RPGs even before you dive into starter sets. I know some ASP.net, so I know it wouldn’t be difficult to expand it beyond what appears here, but I’m not particularly motivated to do so and don’t blame Merritt for not doing so. She planted the seed for those who should actually do things like this.

Get on it, game designers!

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