What Really Grinds My Gears: Reaction Memes #StarTrek #meme

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Once again, you kids have wandered onto my lawn, so I need to set you straight. Consider the following meme.

I get it!

In this meme, Kira Nerys (in the first column) is reacting to what’s going on in the second column, yet her reactions are placed to the left of the Bluetooth devices. How does that make sense? While not all cultures read left to right, most do, and more to the point, ours does. Ergo, the meme shouldn’t be organized this way. Nevertheless, this is how they usually appear, and when they don’t, I’m assuming someone made a mistake. Try this, and see if a better mental picture forms in your head.

“But Rob! She’s subtly facing the wrong direction!” Not really, assuming the camera is panning from the ear to her (which makes the original image wrong for a different reason), but if it really bothers you, then flip the image, Picasso. I used MS Paint for all of this.

Doesn’t this work much better? Get it straight, dipshits.

It ain’t fun growing old.

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Cleveland Guardians Facing Lawsuit over Name Change @Indians #Cleveland #Guardians #MLB #trademark

Here’s my alter ego discussing the recent lawsuit filed by the Cleveland Guardians roller derby team against the Cleveland baseball team.

The Property Attorney

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A roller derby team has sued the team formerly known as the Cleveland Indians.

You may have heard that the Cleveland Indians are no more. The Major League Baseball team’s name has been changed to the Cleveland Guardians, though not on Twitter (what choice do they have?). Unfortunately, there already is a Cleveland Guardians team in Cleveland. They’re a roller derby team (yeah, they own the website address), and they claim to have a trademark in the name, prompting them to sue the baseball team. The roller derby team is also claiming that the baseball team attempted to buy out their rights to the name with an insulting offer. If…

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