WandaVision Sets up Mutantkind and the X-Men #MCU #WandaVision #mutants

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We all know the rumor: WandaVision was supposed to set up mutantkind and the X-Men in the MCU. However, other than the one annoying thing in the show, the misdirect of Evan Peters, not even a meta-connection exists. Instead, we’ll have to wait until Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness for that connection.

Or will we?

Someone over on Facebook stated that he wanted the X-Men to remain a separate cinematic universe from the MCU even though Disney has taken it over. HIs thought is that the MCU heroes are people the common folk look up to, but the X-Men are feared. The two don’t go together in terms of tone. Though we occasionally see heroes portrayed as “bad guys” in the MCU (especially in Captain America: Civil War), overall that’s not a bad point. We never saw someone actually fear, for example, Paul Rudd 🙂 after he was established as a reasonably well-known hero.

However, as far as I’m concerned, Wanda Maximoff is now an anti-hero, and one the average person fears. Perhaps this is the direct connection to the introduction of mutants that we were positing. It represents an important shift in tone, which Marvel has stated is going to occur in a big way in Multiverse. WandaVision was the way to ease us into that shift. We may look back and see WandaVision is the first few steps on that bridge over the tonal gap.

Yeah, that metaphor could have been stated better.

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