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As I said last week, I’m going to start doing mythology posts on Mondays for Mythology Monday, which is a new thing to me. Or at least, I’m going to try. Today, I’m pointing you to a YouTube channel I like, Mythology & Fiction Explained. This guy does his research right down to justifying his pronunciations. As the name suggests, he also goes beyond folklore and mythology, covering literature such as the Cthulhu stories of H.P. Lovecraft. If you’re into any of that, you’ll probably find some of what you want at that channel.

One word of warning. I have YouTube premium, so I don’t get commercials when I watch it. However, it appears that the channel was demonetized. That wouldn’t surprise me because the speaker will occasionally (though rarely) make a gratuitous political statement. You may not agree with his statement, and I know political disagreement often turns people away from speakers regardless of the actual topic of conversation.

I had no idea that the Harpies were feminists.

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