4th Edition D&D Has Poisoned Star Trek #DnD #RPG #StarTrek

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Way back when, 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons created a meaningless dust up. It presented female dragonborn (anthropomorphic reptiles) with mammary glands. That is, they had boobs. This makes no sense, and now, after all these years, this thinking has infested Star Trek.

The Andorion gets my vote.

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2 thoughts on “4th Edition D&D Has Poisoned Star Trek #DnD #RPG #StarTrek

  1. You know, I always felt like there was something in D&D that made no sense, and I think you’ve finally hit on it. It’s a pity that Star Trek no longer makes sense because up to now I believed it consisted of historical documents transmitted from the future. Oh, well. Never give up! Never surrender!


    • Fire-breathing dragons, demons, and sladdi I can accept. Reptiles with boobs? I can’t suspend that much disbelief.

      As for the docs, I’m sorry, but they’re classified.


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