Binging and the Slow Burn #tv #movie

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This is the second post in a row where I just yell at the clouds.

The Simpsons - Old Man Yells At Cloud - YouTube
The script in this image is no less legible than any of my posts.

They were both inspired by my watching of season one of Bloodline on Netflix (more on that tomorrow). Again, I must warn you that I’ve been thinking.

North Carolina Consumers: Alert for Ready to Eat Sausage Products due to  Possible Listeria Contamination -
Danger! Rob’s thinking!

I’ve mentioned a few times that I enjoy binging shows where each episode is 30 minutes or less. Longer episodes aren’t a deal breaker — just try to pry me away from an episode of Star Trek — but it’s easier to fit a short episode into my schedule. In the case of a 20-minute or less show (e.g., The IT Crowd, Aqua Teen Hunger Force), I can even watch an episode while I’m eating breakfast before heading to work.

The downside is that the collection isn’t as good for telling a story common among all episodes. In other words, that works well for sitcoms, but not so much for dramas. So, sometimes I have to accept that there have to be 60-minute episodes so that a complete thought can be expressed by that episode. If that’s the case, then they need to keep the number of episodes relatively short (8-10 episodes). If the story plays out over 12 or more episodes, it risks overstaying its welcome despite otherwise good writing and a remarkable cast.

Tune in tomorrow for a perfect example.

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