#StarTrek meets #Firefly!

I’ve never seen a single episode of Firefly even though I’ve had a friend’s copy of the entire series on DVD for over a year now. Maybe I should watch it, or maybe, like Ferris Bueler’s Day off, if I watch it as a 44-year old-adult, it won’t be nearly as good for me as it was for you when you were young 20-something’s.

Star Trek meets Firefly!.

6 thoughts on “#StarTrek meets #Firefly!

    • I disagree. Regardless of your or my singular opinions, I’m certain that the majority of people who saw that movie for the first time as an adult (let’s say, >20 years old) would find it as dumb as I did. What exactly is the message? It’s okay to destroy a luxury car and do major structural damage to a house because your dad is so strict that he doesn’t let you drive that luxury car? (Apparently, the dad was onto something.) Moreover, there weren’t many good jokes in it, and slapstick hasn’t been funny since the Three Stooges, so I can do without the “humor” of the principal being attacked by the family dog. It was a movie for kids, and I wasn’t a kid when I saw it. There are plenty of examples of movies that I saw as a kid and love to this day, but I’m honest enough with myself that I don’t expect others to share my sentimental love for them if they didn’t see them as kids.

      BTW, I can say the same thing about Legend, though I admit that Tim Curry did a good job in that movie. I never saw Willow or Labyrinth, and I won’t because I don’t want to piss off my fellow geeks that stand by those movies. I’d rather remain ignorant.

      EDIT: And back to the point, Firefly appeals to a lot of people that saw it as adults, so I have higher hopes for that show. Now, if I can just find the time to watch the DVDs …. 🙂


      • Fair enough, you’re probably right to skip Labyrinth in that case. I watched Flash Gordon with someone who hadn’t seen it when they were younger. Suddenly all of its rather obvious flaws became more apparent.

        As a child of the 80’s, I guess Ferris just spoke to me.

        When you start with Firefly, the first episode is the weakest, you’ll need to give it a couple of episodes to get really great. Have you seen the feature film Serenity? its also very good.


  1. I haven’t seen Serenity, but I know what it is. I’d like to wait until after I see Firefly, but considering my procrastination, I’ll see it the first chance I get.


  2. OMG my friend, Firefly / Serenity is awesome – like DS-9 meets the old west and throw in a pinch of Mission Impossible!


    • I saw Serenity over the weekend. It was on SyFy. It was okay, but keep in mind I had no context. I feel like the whole “They created them!” thing was a huge reveal from the series, but it didn’t throw me for a loop because, well, I had no idea what “they” were.


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