Fantasy Flight Games Beta for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Last Friday, Fantasy Flight Games announced the availability of the beta test document for their new role-playing game, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. It costs $29.95. Paying to play-test someone’s else materials isn’t my thing — in fact, I find it insulting to ask considering it’s more appropriate that I get paid to do so* — but if you’re willing to do so, go for it. It’s always good to see that what the player base wants is factored into what’s being delivered, and any game published by Fantasy Flight Games is a good candidate for your gaming group.

*Please note that I know it’s not practical for companies to pay the general public to play-test their games. I’m simply saying that play-testing is work, so either handle public play-tests as WotC is doing it (i.e., free PDFs) or keep the play-testing in house.

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