Daylight Savings Time Sucks #time #DST #circadian

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Yeah, you’ve heard it all before, but now you’re hearing from someone who used to swear by daylight savings time (“DST”). In fact, I wanted the United States to switch over to DST permanently. I heard scientists claiming that it’s bad for you, but like any American, I rejected the science. I didn’t want an evening commute to be dark.

I was an idiot.

As I discussed about a year ago, I purchased a home with window treatments that let sunlight in even when they’re closed. The result has been that I wake up earlier, and the sunlight is far less jarring on the brain than an alarm clock regardless of how soft the alarm is. Humans, and every other living organism, evolved around the sun, not around alarm clocks, developing circadian rhythms (i.e., “physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle”).

It’s far easier to get up in the morning, and I have far more energy even after putting on a lot of my bad weight again. I also easily fall to sleep most nights, which is something that has been elusive nearly my entire life. This despite always using my cell phone when going to bed. Daylight savings time screws that up. Now I rely on an alarm to get to the gym on time, and if I had to be to work before 9 am, I’d still be in that jam.

So, DST is stupid.

So is America for having it.

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Time Flies #aging #history #time

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This image came up in my Facebook stream.

Damn, that pisses me off. Well, here are some other things that piss me off.

  • Slumdog Millionaire‘s Oscar win (2009) is as far away from today as the Oklahoma City bombing and O.J. Simpson’s not guilty verdict (1995).
  • The cloning of Dolly the Sheep (1997) is as far away from today as the premiere of All in the Family and the 26th Amendment lowering the voting age to 18 (1971).
  • George Bush 43’s ultimatum to Saddam Hussein (1991) is as far away from today as Alaska’s and Hawaii’s admissions as states (1959).
  • The USA Olympic hockey team’s Miracle on Ice (1980) is as far away from today as Amelia Earhart’s disappearance and the delivery of the first B-17 bombers to the US Army Air Corps (1937).
  • My birth (1968) is as far away from today as the US Coast Guard’s status as “military and Detroit’s first stop sign (1915).

I’m old.

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A New Calendar #time #calendar #newyears

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I don’t ask for much. All I want is for the year to consist of 13 months, each having exactly 28 days, and the extra day being a month-less “New Year’s Day.” On leap years, we can add a “New Year’s Eve.”

Dan Akroyd was ahead of his time.

Here’s the only downside. My birthday would be Wednesday, the 25th of the 5th month (as opposed to May 17 now), which means my birthday would never be on a weekend. Personally, I don’t care, but I can see why you might remain unconvinced.

Still, get on board, losers, or I’ll keep whining.

Give me this, and I’ll shut up.

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