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One last post before I take a break from blogging.

This past week in Ft. Wayne, I discovered a new band care of a request made on O’Reilly’s TouchTunes juke box: the Red Hot Chili Pipers. That’s “Pipers,” not “Peppers.” They’re a band that covers other bands’ music, but they do so with a healthy dose of bagpipes, which I love because I love my Scottish roots. Besides the instrumentation, they also mix things up a little bit with the arrangements.

Here’s one example.

Here’s another.

Unfortunately, their only show in the DC area this year is on a Wednesday night and over 45 miles away. That’s 45 DC-area miles, which with traffic will take too long time to get there and get back. I’m too old for that, and it’s not like I go to concerts often. Here’s their current tour schedule in case you’re interested.

There’s always YouTube.

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