My #Cameron Clan Scarf and Pin #scotland

Scarf and Pin.jpgI don’t even wear a coat unless the temperature drops to freezing, but when I lived in Chicago (1996-2001), I got into the habit of wearing scarves … and hats, and gloves, and just about anything else wearable that I could find. So, when I was at Walt Disney World in 1998, I bought a pin and scarf based on my Scottish clan (Cameron). I’m a typical American in that I have no idea what any of it really means (despite having seen Braveheart 🙂 ), but it was a nice scarf. At some point, I lost the scarf and pin, but my recent research on my family tree inspired me to replace them both despite not being quite as Scottish as I thought I was (1/8 rather than 1/4). My great-grandfather (father of my paternal grandmother) was born in Lochgilphead, Scotland in 1868.

And there’s your useless information for the day.

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