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Before I say something serious, I’m going to show you something funny.

Look at this craziness, most of which are hits to my stat block and OGL posts.

Isn’t Microsoft Paint the best?! Eat your heart out, Nowak!

But wait! It gets … worse? Better? Throughout those posts, if I referenced a legal concept that wasn’t critical to the theme, rather than spell it out for you, I saved space by linking to a discussion of that legal concept on my far less popular legal blog. Here are the hits for that blog over the past few days.

Since writing this post, these numbers have gotten MUCH bigger. Today’s hits are now twice as large as December 29th’s and are approaching December 21st’s.

I don’t want to be famous, so I may have to shut down these blogs. 🙂

Also, I should have tagged John and Tales of Arcana yesterday, so I’m doing so today — with top billing — even though they have nothing to do with this post. So, there you go. If I’m going to be famous, I’m pulling those nerds into it with me.

Something Serious

This is a supposed excerpt from the OGL 1.1. I have no idea if it’s real.

Here’s the full-sized image:

But if it is . . .

I Did That Reaction GIF by New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) - Find & Share on GIPHY

. . . you’re welcome. Sort of. It’s clear that my concerns about the OGL are being met, for better or worse, and I know WotC Legal read my posts. This means that there’s a good chance that the OGL 1.1 will be a real license because I pointed out why 1.0 wasn’t. The speculation is that 1.1 will be arduous, but the fake OGL is no less arduous. It simply appears open because WotC is lying to you about what they’ve actually licensed to you (reminder: NOTHING!). They could always have changed their mind and done this. Some people have said to me that WotC could never pull the rug from underneath the community because they’d revolt, but now that they’re telling you the truth, they’re saying (straining the metaphor a bit) that no rug is henceforth standard operating procedure. They’re expressly doing what I told you they always could, and the community is preparing a revolt. Voila!

So, now they’re going to tell you the real story, and it’s clear you don’t like it. Maybe you shouldn’t. Either way, this may not be good for business, and this may not change WotC Legal’s status as . . . well, you know my opinion, but at least you’re going to be protected from deceit (again, assuming this is real and representative of what they’re going to do throughout the OGL 1.1).

And then there’s this:

Think about it, people, but not too hard, because . . .

The truth hurts.

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Dungeons & Dragons is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast, LLC, who neither contributed to nor endorsed the contents of this post. (Okay, jackasses?)

In case the tweets are ever deleted, here are screenshots.


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