Inktober for Charity, Day 16: Stevie Ray Vaughn #Inktober #JDRF #StillBrave #SRV #music @JDRF @stillbrave @KevinBednarz

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September’s series of musical selections is officially over! It’s October! Or should I say . . . Inktober?

Do you remember what happened the last time I celebrated Inktober? No? Well, you’re not going to like it. You’re certainly not go to like this one. You see, a friend posted to Facebook a list of Inktober assignments, and being the smartass I am, I’ve taken on (synonym: stolen) those assignments despite my . . . “modest” drawing skills. Look, mine will be funnier, okay? I’d link to his (which are going to be much better), but he protects his tweets. You’ll have to settle for mine.

He’s drawing for a charity by offering his drawings for sale, the proceeds for which go to the Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation. Noble, but my choice of charity is the JDRF. Unfortunately, no one will buy my work, so until their link breaks, you can directly donate here. Or you can donate to Stillbrave. I won’t get angry. Here are the assignments:

I don’t know all of these things.

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And here is today’s entry.

Day 16: Stevie Ray Vaughn

I almost don’t want to do this one. There have been only three celebrity deaths that really bothered me: Sam Kinison, Chadwick Boseman, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Kinison bothered me despite being a casual fan of his. This is because in college I was an avid Howard Stern fan, and his death hit them hard. With constantly mourning coming from my radio, it rubbed off on me. Boseman bothered me because he was too young and was a major part of an intellectual property franchise for whom my excitement is exceeded only by Star Trek. As for Stevie Ray Vaughn, I picked up guitar and bass in 1985. I subscribed to the fantastic Guitar for the Practicing Musician magazine. Every month, they provided sheet music, both traditional and tablature, for four to five rock/pop/metal songs, and sometimes guitar-based songs from other genres (e.g., Bach’s Bouree in E Minor from the March, 1988 issue). The first issue I got had Greensleeves as adapted by Jeff Beck, Message in a Bottle by the Police, Mississippi Queen by Mountain, I Wanna Be Somebody by W.A.S.P., and Couldn’t Stand the Weather by Stevie. That was my introduction to Stevie Ray Vaughn, and I never looked back. I’d say he inspired my music, but I’ve never been a good enough player or songwriter for that to make sense.

At least he looks happy.

Before you laugh, try to remember that it’s for charity. Then laugh.

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