Inktober for Charity, Day 13: Classic Frankenstein #Inktober #JDRF #StillBrave #Frankenstein #horror @JDRF @stillbrave @KevinBednarz

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September’s series of musical selections is officially over! It’s October! Or should I say . . . Inktober?

Do you remember what happened the last time I celebrated Inktober? No? Well, you’re not going to like it. You’re certainly not go to like this one. You see, a friend posted to Facebook a list of Inktober assignments, and being the smartass I am, I’ve taken on (synonym: stolen) those assignments despite my . . . “modest” drawing skills. Look, mine will be funnier, okay? I’d link to his (which are going to be much better), but he protects his tweets. You’ll have to settle for mine.

He’s drawing for a charity by offering his drawings for sale, the proceeds for which go to the Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation. Noble, but my choice of charity is the JDRF. Unfortunately, no one will buy my work, so until their link breaks, you can directly donate here. Or you can donate to Stillbrave. I won’t get angry. Here are the assignments:

I don’t know all of these things.

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And here is today’s entry.

Day 13: Classic Frankenstein

Here’s a convoluted story. In the early 2000s, I joined a shared beach house in Dewey Beach, DE. This is where a bunch of 30-40 year olds rent out a space in a huge beach home. You get a bed to sleep in a room with others, all of whom are horny people approaching the years when they should get married. It’s a mess. Anyway, there was this tall guy in the house that everyone noted looked like Frankenstein’s monster, though of course they all referred to him as Frankenstein. Eventually, he found out. He had a good sense of humor about it, so everyone was fake-consoling him. I came up to him and said, “No, no, you don’t look like Frankenstein . . . . You look like Frankenstein’s monster.” After taking a bow, I said, “I’ll be hear all summer.” He was a good guy. I hope he’s doing well.

I don’t know how, but instead of an annoyed adult, he came across as a curious child. Wearing headphones, I guess. The idea that Dr. Frankenstein could have done this to a child is a horrifying thought. So I did okay, right? Right?

Before you laugh, try to remember that it’s for charity. Then laugh.

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