31 Songs in 31 Days Challenge, Day 13: Song About Falling #music #TtWS @ToadWetSprocket

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It’s September, the start of a new month. Well, in mid-August, half a month too late, I came across one of those internet challenges. Being a music nut, I’m willing to take my chances with the data mining assholes and participate. For the month of September (plus October 1), I’m going to answer each of these with a blog post. Here’s the challenge:

Day 13: Song About Falling

Maybe this is a cheat of sorts, but I don’t want to risk leaving Toad the Wet Sprocket off this list. Here’s a song that at least involves a significant fall. Bradley falls off a ladder and breaks his leg, which never quite heals correctly. That’s close enough for me.

Sorry, but I was never a fan of Fall Down, though Dulcinea is one of my favorite albums.

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