31 Songs in 31 Days Challenge, Day 4: Song About Animals #music

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It’s September, the start of a new month. Well, in mid-August, half a month too late, I came across one of those internet challenges. Being a music nut, I’m willing to take my chances with the data mining assholes and participate. For the month of September (plus October 1), I’m going to answer each of these with a blog post. Here’s the challenge:

Day 4: Song About Animals

Honestly, I was having a mental block thinking of a single song about animals. I thought, “What about the Heart album, Bad Animals?” Posting a YouTube video of the entire album would be cheating. Even worse, as humans are animals (at times, not any better than apes flinging poo), I could have chosen any song at all (except perhaps some Rush songs). Clearly, I was overthinking, and then this one popped into my head. It’s an obscure song from the early 70s. Clearly, lyrics weren’t the songwriter’s strong suit. This is one of two hits by this band with only six words in the lyrics.

They won’t all be this obscure.

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