It’s Not All About Me: A Review of L1 (The Secret of Bone Hill) @JimZub #ADnD #DnD #RPG 

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David Leonard has a blog, Greyhawk Musings. Last Friday, he added his own voice to the choir with a post about the 1st Edition AD&D (“1e“) adventure, L1: The Secret of Bone Hill. I previously gave my own review (Ha! I quickly made it about me!), but it was much briefer and wasn’t heavy on details. It’s a different sort of adventure, and has been soundly thrashed over the decades, but nevertheless isn’t an adventure you should ignore. I think it’s a type of adventure that needs to exist at various levels of difficulty. As always, YMMV.

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This is the 187th day in a row with a post (note: not my longest streak). I’ll probably be ending that streak very soon. I’m going to focus my time on what you really want me to do: Complete my database. Or maybe you want me to shut up. Same net result. I’ll still post when something strikes me as blogworthy, and will probably continue to be consistent with my goofy nonsense on Saturday through Monday, but it won’t be my priority until I’ve got my database completed.

You just want me to shut up, don’t you?

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