You Forgot Orthrus #MythologyMonday #MythologyMonandæg #Orthrus

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100th day in a row with a post!

I found this moderately funny Venn diagram.

Cute, right? Well, as any fan of Clash of the Titans will tell you, it’s incomplete. Here’s my revised version.

C’mon, man. Orthrus was a player in the 10th labor of Heracles. He deserves your remembrance.

Capitalization matters too.

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The Lost Lesson of Star Trek V: What We Don’t Share #StarTrek

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It pains me to admit it, but yes, Kessel Junkie knows more about a particular element of Star Trek than I.

kessel korner

As the world’s preeminent Star Trek V scholar, I find it incumbent upon myself to elucidate the subtler points of the film. I’ve pondered a lot, as have others, about the critique of pop psychology self-help trends as embodied by Sybok. I’ve projected whether we can see a thread running between The Voyage Home and The Final Frontier that’s often ignored. I’ve even wondered if Sybok could have helped characters in other series avoid their tragedies.

Yes, I like Star Trek V. I love it in all its cheesy, imperfect glory. It was a strange road to get there.

However, one point I’ve pondered recently is the scene on the Enterprise where Sybok divulges the inner trauma (so he thinks) of Spock and McCoy. Kirk, of course, refuses to play along but there are a couple of things wrapped up in this scene that seem especially…

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