French Cut Shirts #fashion

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When I was a software engineer, I used to dress up for work. The other engineers told me to lighten up, but I saw it as important. Then I became an attorney. Since working in a large law firm (2001), I learned that wearing a suit to work was pretentious nonsense. I get that the general public wants to see lawyers in suits, but that’s a cultural flaw. It pushes style over substance, and the industry gives them exactly what they’re asking for.

However, now that I have to wear a suit every day, I love wearing French cut shirts with cufflinks. The problem is that most French cut shirts you can buy are boring ass white shirts. I’ve managed to find a couple of purple shirts (one solid and another pattern), and one solid pink shirt, but everything else is white or blue.

White shirts are boring.

If you’re going to wear a suit, go all in. The fashion industry needs to get on board with that, giving me French cut shirts with patterns and more colors. Who can I call?

I never thought I’d ever post about fashion on this blog.

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